How to get Started with Formstack + Zapier + Capsule CRM (Free CRM Solution)

So you’re looking to get started with Formstack? You also need a CRM right?

Getting started is easy, but how do you know you’ve made the right choice? and… is that choice the most cost-effective for your situation? 

In this post, we’ll answer these questions and more. If you’re just getting started, and need a solution that is powerful, scalable, and most importantly cost-effective then read on. 


Why Formstack + Capsule CRM? 

Formstack is the leading data collection solution for small to medium businesses. Without coding, you can simply configure amazing forms that capture your client’s, new prospect’s, or other data straight into the system. With Formstack Documents and Sign among their other solutions, you’re covered in configuring an automated workflow from new prospect to closed deal! 

Formstack integrates with 40+ standard integrations partners and these include, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Google Sheets, Dropbox, Capsule, and many many more. In our testing and building out solutions for clients, many CRM integrations are classified as advanced integrations, however, we’ve found of those that are standard integrations, Capsule offers a lot of functionality. 

Utilising the free Zapier integration, Capsule CRM is a low cost ($26AUD per month for some use cases, other’s maybe FREE) solution that allows businesses to get set up in a simple to use online-based CRM system. Capsule is functional, tidy, and just plainly make sense to use. For these reasons and more, Capsule CRM + Zapier + Formstack makes a great solution for many businesses. 


Getting started with Formstack + Capsule CRM (+ Zapier)

So, before we get started, here are 3 things we’ll need. 

1. A Formstack Forms account (Free for 14 days, then between $27 & $85 AUD per month -depending on the plan required)

2. A Capsule CRM account, and (Free)

3. A Zapier Account (Free)


Ready? So now that you’ve signed up for each of these, we can get started with the workflow. Of course, every business has different workflows, however for the purposes of explaining the linking of these platforms, we’ll assume the following: 


New subscriber on website (built with Formstack Forms) —> Zapier (performs creation of new lead function) —> New lead created in Capsule CRM

So let’s get started. 


Step 1

To start with we need to create a form in Formstack.

Step 2

Once you have your new subscribe form created and styled just how you like we can then connect Zapier + Formstack.

Step 3

Jump back to the live form and enter some test subscriber data. 

Step 4

Let’s test the connection. 

Step 5 

Connect Capsule CRM to capture the data into a lead/contact. 

Final Step – Celebrate!


And there you have it it! You’ve got a fully functional lead gen form on your website or elsewhere, that pulls the data through to your new shiny Capsule CRM!

Ending Comment

The sky really is the limit with Formstack and integrating with Capsule CRM. There are soo many possibilities, and this simple lead gen workflow is just one of many options. 

I hope you’ve found this post useful. If I missed anything or it wasn’t clear at any point please let me know. 

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