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June 15, 2020


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Are your sales team still requesting physical signatures?

How much time is wasted printing off physical documents, getting them signed and then scanning them into the computer? There’s got to be a better way right? There is. 

Electronic signatures are the new norm.

Not only are they much quicker, they are environmentally friendly, increase productivity, far more secure, AND let your clients know you are a forward thinking organisation that can be trusted – who doesn’t want that!

In this post, we’ll be highlighting a step-by-step guide on how to use Panda Doc electronic signature software – completely free!

Signatures are important, no doubt about it. We’re in a transition phase right now where traditional signatures are still required however, physically signing them in person is becoming less and less important.

Electronic signatures are now recognised by law and for the reasons above and more, they are the logical option for most companies. 

Most eSign providers give you a trial or otherwise promise free electronic signatures if you sign onto one of their monthly plans.

The reason why we’re proposing testing out PandaDoc is that it  offers completely free and secure eSign functionality for life.

Of course, they’re hoping you love using their platform soo much that you’ll opt into one of the other Panda Doc plans for your Proposals and documents, nevertheless the eSign functionality is free! 

There are other electronic signature platforms online that are free, including those that allow you to directly upload and send a link to your client, however, they lack security.

When using PandaDoc, your documents can be tracked, are completely secure within their platform, and can only be signed by those you provide access to.  

 So, hopefully that highlights why we need signatures and why digital is best.

Read on below to find out how to get set up in PandaDoc with free signatures. 

How to get started with Electronic Signatures in PandaDoc

1. Sign up to PandaDoc

Get started by signing up >>>> HERE

You will arrive at this page. Click create free account. Enter all your details. 


2. Set up your doc ready to send

You’ll land on the page below. You can now simply upload a document you want to send for signing by clicking add document OR dropping the doc where it says ‘drag and drop your file here’.


3. Add recipients

You can add your recipient details on this page. NOTE: You can add multiple people to sign, including yourself as a final signer if you need. 


4. Add in Signing Fields

You can now drag and drop from the right hand column the signature, date, or any other relevent field required before sending to the client. You’ll then assign them to the respective people.


5. Send it off!

Click the big green send document up top, enter the name of the document that the client will see. Last step before sending is to write an optional message to your client. You’re done, hit send! 



So there you go! That’s how to send documents for esigning using Panda Doc. Simple right?

In utilising PandaDoc for electronic signatures you now have the ability to track when your client has viewed your doc, see when it expires, and resend to the client if they need a reminder. 

PandaDoc is a great solution for eSignatures that is totally free. If you’re looking for a full service PandaDoc solution for business document development you can sign up for their free trial HERE


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