Sales Proposal Strategy for IT Managed Service Providers

Refine your sales process and WIN more sales by cutting the time needed to send proposals in HALF!
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Win more sales by getting proposals out faster, using best-in-class software to delight your prospective clients.


Have you ever felt….

  • That your sales proposals could be sent out faster with less time spent on writing and more on building the relationship?
  • That your competition has nicer looking more tech-friendly proposals? ie; They don’t use Microsoft Word anymore
  • That keeping your proposals error free and aligned to your brand is difficult?
  • That there must be a better way….There is!

Win More Sales While Also Saving Sales Time.

A carefully refined sales proposal process paired with the right proposal software can make sending out proposals faster than ever, whilst ensuring accuracy and brand alignment.

Our Business Proposal Experts manage the process from start to finish to ensure you have a fully functional solution that not only helps you win more sales but saves your sales team precious time. 

Proposal Process Automation. Click and Send.

We know that offering excellent service is a core focus for IT Service Providers and we also know that can be difficult when the admin and sales duties start stacking up!

Our process focuses on delivering automation so that your team can get proposal out faster, with less time spent writing and more time spent building relationships.

Integrate and Celebrate!

We do the heavy lifting in integrating with your CRM to pre-populate proposal information and make documents WAY faster to create!

Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, you name it, we can help automate the proposal process by expertly integrating your sales platforms with PandaDoc to generate proposals fast.

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