Why you Need to Stop Using Word for Business Proposals (and Why it is Hurting Your Sales)

Cross over Microsoft Word, Tick of Proposal Software

July 10, 2020


6 Min Read

If you’re still sending out your business proposals using Microsoft Word you need to stop right now… and here’s why.


Microsoft Word has been around for a long time and many businesses still use Word to send out their business proposals as well as contracts and other documents.

However, just because it has been around for a long time, doesn’t mean it is the right choice. In fact, I’m here to tell you it’s absolutely the wrong choice and it’s likely costing your business $$$.

In this post I’ll detail why Word is no longer #1 and what your business can do to get started using proposal software that actually boosts your sales.


Word is dead. Long live business proposal software!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware of Microsoft Word. Almost everyone knows how to use it at least a little bit. You were likely taught it in school and it is the traditional business “go-to” word processor for business proposals.

Word is a quite useful, highly functional piece of software and without a doubt, it has its place within business.

However, since the advent of SaaS software moved many applications into the browser, there really is every reason to move away from traditional platforms like Word into the browser and embrace Proposal Software.

The likes of PandaDoc, Proposify, Better Proposals, and many many more are changing the way businesses template, format, design, and automate their business proposals and workflows.

Proposal Software is here to stay and the benefits over manually creating proposals and contracts in word cannot be overstated.

Here are just some of the reasons Word isn’t #1 anymore:

Formatting is hard

We live in a ‘Mobile-first’ world in 2020 and business proposals/contracts are often opened on Mobile devices before being opened to sign on PCs. 

Two important things to note are:

1. .doc or .docx files are difficult to open on mobiles unless you have Word installed, and

2. Even if you send in PDF, Microsoft Word is not responsive. 

Your prospects are going to have a difficult time zooming in and out on their phone into the PDF or Word doc in order to read the fine details in your proposal. 

When you use business proposal software such as PandaDoc or Better Proposals, you’re getting a responsive experience which is Mobile-friendly and scales to meet the demands of the user. This is critical as you want your prospect’s experience in signing your proposal or contract to be as simple as possible. 

Limited design capability

Let’s face it, Word can be difficult to work with at the best of times, at it’s worst it wastes your time like there is no tomorrow! No more is this clearly known than when you start to create more complicated designs and formats your documents. 

Sure, you can add images, backgrounds, move text around (within reason) but Word lacks the advanced design functionality of many of the Adobe products or Canva for example. It’s great at putting your words down on a sheet in simple plain text. 

With business proposal software you get the best of both worlds – word processing meets design suite. It’s soo easy with PandaDoc for example, to move text around, add images into the background, change orientation and add additional fonts, and with templates you can duplicate, re-create, and send out documents faster than ever before. 


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No video & lack of innovation

Your clients are no longer impressed by a well worded proposal, they’ve seen them all before!

Here are two options:


“Dear Client,

Thank you for the opportunity to present to you our proposal for x solution.

We pride ourselves on X and we know we’ll do a great job for you.

Please consider us and let us know if you have any questions”

 Pheobe Wow this is boring gif image


“Dear Client,Happy guy dancing

We loved meeting you and learning about your business.

Here is a short video that explains what we can do for you. We look forward to chatting soon!” 

Which would you prefer? Words are good, but video = better. 

The reality is, you need to continue to innovate in order to win business, the more impressive your business proposals are, the better feel the prospect will have about your company and how innovative you are

Having the option to add video, gifs, and dynamic imagery will help you secure that new client. 

Can’t track when viewed or signed

When do you check back in with the client? Would it help to know when the client opened your document? Of course it would!! It means you have a reason to check back in because you know they’ve had a look!! You cannot do this with Word, it is just a document, and best case is that you can see whether the client opened your email – but that is not enough. 

Business proposal software gives you a way to track when your client has opened your doc, which pages they spend the most time on and how many times they open it. These analytics are invaluable to sales reps as they prioritise and keep track of who to get back in touch with.

You’re less likely to leave runs on the board or miss out on an opportunity due to poor time to respond with proposal software.   

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No easy way to sign

Say you had a client that was ready to pull the trigger on your proposal and sign, what option are available to do this? 

Well, you could have just sent as a PDF and had the client sign and return it, but there is no audit trail, no dated confirmation of signature or details on who actually signed it – it could have been anyone. 

You could also have sent the file to the client via Docusign or some other third party signing platform, but this creates friction and additional costs. 

The client could print, scan and send it back – but let’s not even consider that as an option…. 

Using proposal software you have the ability to build out your proposal, send it within the platform and the client can sign directly within the software – all the while adhering to the law around contracts and signatures!


Final Thoughts

Well there you go, many reasons why Microsoft Word is not the software you should be using to send out proposals. For businesses that care about their clients, want to impress them, and leave a lasting impression Proposal Software is your best options – it’s also easy to get started!

I hope this post has provided some valuable points on why your business – no matter what industry you’re in – should consider using proposal software.

If you’re interested in which business proposal software we’re recommending in 2020, check out the post Best Proposal Software to Win New Business.

That’s all for now, until next time. 


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