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Take the hard work out of document creation with PandaDoc. Let us help create your business templates that win you new business!
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Automate your PandaDoc workflows and free up your time!

Our PandaDoc Experts can assist with anything from the migration of your existing proposals, invoices, or other documents over to PandaDoc all the way through to a full PandaDoc implementation.

As a Certified PandaDoc partner we are subject matter experts in PandaDoc. Our team are PandaDoc experts that can help your business improve ROI and implement best practice document creation and sales workflows.

Here are just some of the industries we work with:

  • Construction
  • Accounting & Law
  • Healthcare
  • Commercial/residential real estate
  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Telco & Technology (startups and enterprise)

Our PandaDoc Consultant Services

PandaDoc Template Creation

PandaDoc Document Migration

PandaDoc Integration

PandaDoc Training

PandaDoc Template Creation

Imagine a workflow where you create a proposal for a new client in 5-10 minutes. Sounds too good to be true? – It’s not! 

Our professional PandaDoc Expert template creation services will take you from an idea to a fully realised template that integrates with your CRM.

We draw styling from your website and style guide to create an on-brand template that makes sending out documents easier than ever!

PandaDoc Expert Document Migration

We can re-create your existing proposals, invoices, quotes, contracts, and other documents in the native PandaDoc builder.  Configured with tokens and linked to your CRM, your team will be in a position to send out documents faster than ever! 

Styling and corporate branding can be easily implemented according to your style guide, website or any other branding documentation you provide. 


PandaDoc Integration

Pure Proposals are PandaDoc Integration Experts. Configuring integrations is a big part of what makes PandaDoc such as great solution as these integrations can save your staff lots of time in creating and sending out documents.

Some of the over 200+ popular PandaDoc integrations that Pure Proposals can work with are:

  • Zoho
  • Quickbooks
  • Stripe
  • Paypal

We can also assist with API configuration to set you up with a custom system that generates docs on demand!

PandaDoc Training

Learn more and do it yourself! As a PandaDoc Certified Partner our PandaDoc Experts can deliver personalized training to you and your team!

We have the experience to ensure you reach your goals and your staff are prepared to make the most of the platform. 

Contact us to find out more about our training options. 

PandaDoc Frequently Asked Questions


What is PandaDoc?

PandaDoc is a document automation software platform that enables businesses to create, send, and e-sign documents of all types.

Within the platform, you can configure templates for proposals, quotes, estimates, marketing documents, contracts, and many more use cases.

When you send your document you can view analytics that show you when it has been viewed, how many times, by whom, and when it is completed.

There are many integrations available including all major CRMs such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive and many more.

As a PandaDoc Certified Partner, Pure Proposals can work with you and your team to get PandaDoc implemented and integrated into your business!

What type of businesses can use PandaDoc?

Most businesses can find value in PandaDoc. If you send out proposals, quotes, estimates, or contracts, PandaDoc could be an ideal solution for your business. 

What does a PandaDoc Expert do?

A PandaDoc Expert is a consultant that works with PandaDoc and can provide services to help businesses or individuals set up or better use the platform.

As a Certified PandaDoc Partner, Pure Proposals are positioned to help your business succeed with PandaDoc.

No matter whether you need integration assistance, full proposal creation, other document creation, admin training, and support, we’re able to provide our solutions that accelerate the use of PandaDoc within your business!

How much is a PandaDoc project with Pure Proposals?

All our projects are fixed price determined based on the amount of work required to migrate and implement PandaDoc for your business.

Get in touch today to find out how PandaDoc can help you save time and money.

How can Pure Proposals help my business?

We are PandaDoc Certified Partners and our business is solely focused on helping other businesses implement PandaDoc. 

Learning new software is never as straightforward as the marketing would lead you to believe. Although easier to learn than most other document automation platforms, there’s still a learning curve with PandaDoc and that’s where we come in. 

Many of our clients just don’t have the time to learn to make PandaDoc work for their business or to explore integrations. We’re here to help bridge that gap and provide succinct training that can help accelerate adoption in your business. 

Does Pure Proposals provide PandaDoc Training?

Yes, we do! 

We provide structured training as well as Q&A sessions. We can also record training videos as needed.

Individual admin training is $200USD per hour. Group training is costed based on requirements.

How long is a standard project to get set up with PandaDoc?

It generally depends on the size of the business and the amount of existing documents needing to be re-created and updated within PandaDoc.

On average a migration and implementation project can last between 1-3 weeks with plenty of back and forth to ensure everything is configured correctly. 

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