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It was the start of 2020 and the world was just beginning to feel the impact of a little virus called COVID-19. Little did I know, this would be the perfect time to launch Pure Proposals.

You see, I’d spent over 8 years in IT consulting and had seen my fair share of proposals – some that closed the deal and some that fell flat. I was obsessed with finding the perfect sales process and creating ‘The Ultimate Workflow.’

So, I went on a mission. I scoured the internet for everything I could find on what makes a proposal truly work. And what did I find? A lot of outdated, boring methods.

That’s when I decided to shake things up. I started offering consulting services that helped businesses say goodbye to Microsoft Word and hello PandaDoc.

Fast forward to today, we’ve helped literally 100’s of businesses make the switch to PandaDoc to improve their proposal processes and workflows. 

I’m on a mission to revolutionize the way businesses close deals and I’d love to work with your business on this journey.

~ Ben, Founder of Pure Proposals

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