We're Pure Proposals.

The Why.

Pure Proposals was born out of the realisation that although proposal and form software can be user friendly, it can also be very time consuming to set up.

Businesses don’t always have the time or inclination to configure, integrate, and train staff on these platforms. This is where Pure Proposals steps in.

We’re here to do the hard work in setting up proposal and form software solutions, so your staff can spend less time sending proposals and more time building relationships.

Our Story

I started Pure Proposals at the start of 2020 just as covid was taking hold – great timing right!

I’d worked in IT consulting roles for over 8 years so I’ve created and sent out my fair share of proposals, both that closed and that fell flat.

Out of an obsession to continually improve business sales processes and develop ‘The Ultimate Workflow’ I scoured the internet to figure out what makes a proposal work, what makes them sell.

I then began testing the waters in offering consulting services helping businesses to move away from the likes of Microsoft Word onto more modern platforms.

Through consulting and then implementing proposal template and document automation solutions we help businesses transition to scalable solutions that make light work of collecting client data, generating proposals, and automating processes.

~ Ben – Founder of Pure Proposals

What our clients say.